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Punkaharju - Vuoden retkikohde 2017


Crosscountry skiing

Punkaharju is an excellent venue for skiing. More than 30 km of varying and well-kept ski tracks are easy to access from the holiday resorts and lodgings.  You can also ski around the beautiful Punkaharju ridge area. 
All the cross-country skiing tracks with rest areas can be found on the Punkaharjun Harjureitit website. You can check out the track conditions as well as where the ski track machine is at that moment.

Tour skating

Tour skating is an unsurpassed way to move on natural ice and savour the outdoors in the winter. The skating track in Punkaharju is one of the longest in Finland, extending up to 15 km. The track consists of two different routes that suit beginners just as well as more experienced skaters. Rent your gear and buy tickets at Harjun Portti.
You can stop to catch your breath at several places on your skating tour. At Haataansaari the crêpes hut is open every weekend during the skating season. 

Punkaharju Snowshoe Park

Snowshoe walks give you an opportunity to experience winter nature in a way that is almost impossible to find otherwise. We have created eight magnificent and clearly marked snowshoe trails around the ridges of the Punkaharju Nature Reserve and other exciting terrain.
The trails include alternatives for all ages and fitness levels, and no previous experience in snowshoe walking is required on the easier trails, although Punkaharju Snowshoe Park does provide experienced hikers and nature walkers with plenty of challenges. You can go for a snowshoe walk on your own, with friends or you can ask to go on one of our guided walks.

Therapeutic massage and physiotherapy

Fysioterveys Punkaharju offers therapeutic massage and therapeutic exercises which are solutions to everyday health problems like bad posture, back pain, headaches and much more. These therapies can improve your quality of life.


Canoeing in the safe waters in and around Punkaharju

Thanks to its vast network of lakes, Punkaharju is an ideal canoeing destination. You can go island hopping, explore secluded coves and admire the ridges from your canoe. The safe canoeing trails run carefully along the shores of Lake Pihlajavesi in Saimaa and the crystal clear waters of Lake Puruvesi.

Petrinsaari island, the essential canoeing destination in Puruvesi, can be reached from the Naaranlahti holiday resort, which is located in the eastern part of Punkaharju, while the historic Kongonsaari island can be reached from Tynkkylän Lomaniemi farm, located in the southern part of Punkaharju. Kayaks can be hired from the Harjun Portti tourist centre which also offer assistance for novices. Kayaks and kanoes can also be hired from several accommodation companies. For more information about canoe hire, please refer to the back cover.

You can download maps for canoeing here.


Punkaharju offers boaters a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere. You can hire a rowing or motor boat from one of the holiday resorts or go on a guided boat tour.

Guided boat tours
The boats used for tours are fast motor boats; an open boat can accommodate four passengers, while a larger decked boat can accommodate six passengers. The boats are driven by experienced captains who know the area very well, so tours must be booked in advance. You can find more information about guided tours here.


The ridge area and arboretum are great destinations for cycling trips. The pathways in the arboretum are nice and wide, so cycling on a basic street bicycle is easy. The lean-to at Karjalankallio is an excellent place to stop for refreshment. 

Tips for cycling trips

Cycling is an ideal way to explore the landscapes and sights of Punkaharju. This brochure includes tips about the two main trails, both of which have varying lengths and offer dozens of different experiences.

Bicycles are available at most of the holiday resorts. You can download maps here.

Trekking and rambling

Punkaharju is created for trekking and a number of other outdoor activities. The splendid ridges and lakes create a peaceful ambiance that quiets your mind and makes all your worries disappear like smoke in the air. Here you don’t need to rush anywhere; just savour everything slowly and thoroughly.  
Move around freely on your own or get a map from one of the holiday resorts. The lean-tos at Lusto and Karjalankallio are great places to rest. Come in the autumn, when you will find an abundance of wild berries and mushrooms to pick.


What could be a better way to explore the wonders of Punkaharju than on horseback! At the Mannila stalls everybody can ride – both amateurs and experienced riders. You can take a riding lesson or go on a long or short trail ride, according to your own skills.

Riding services are available all year round and in the summertime Mannila stalls offer riding lessons and camps for adults just as well as kids. Riding packages for different types of groups are also available.

The Punkaharju Nordic Walking Park

A park that combines history, culture, breathtaking views and ecological exercise.

Nordic walking is the ideal way to experience Punkaharju at its best in the summer, and to make exploring easier for you, we have put together a range of trails over varying terrain. All the trails can be easily accessed from the area’s tourist resorts, most of which also have Nordic walking poles available for hire.  

Therapeutic massage and physiotherapy

Fysioterveys Punkaharju offers therapeutic massage and therapeutic exercises which are solutions to everyday health problems like bad posture, back pain, headaches and much more. These therapies can improve your quality of life.