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Punkaharju - Vuoden retkikohde 2017


Lusto - The Finnish Forest Museum

Lusto is a national museum and a versatile exhibition and culture centre at the heart of the Saimaa lake district and right next to the Punkaharju Conservation Area. Lusto’s exhibitions and events provide a diverse and illustrative insight into the significance of forests in the life of Finns.

Lusto is sure to appeal to visitors of all ages. High-quality Finnish products e.g. utility items, jewellery, toys, games, textiles and postcards are available in the Museum shop. Lusto is open all year round.


Kruunupuisto Spa

In addition to a standard swimming pool, the versatile spa area of Kruunupuisto has warm pools with jets and cascades, a children’s pool and a steam bath area, as well as a cold pool, The spa is open every day around the year.


Hepokatti Barnyard

Hepokatti, with its lively barnyard and cosy café, is just the place to make a leisurely day trip. We are open during the summer season from May to August.

Please check out the opening hours and activities at our website:

Johanna Oras Art Manor

Art Manor Johanna Oras is located in the breathtakingly beautiful Punkaharju ridge area, and invites its visitors on a journey to the fascinating world of art. Magnificent painting and easy-going atmosphere allows you to set your daily troubles aside for a moment and start a mini-adventure with a brush in your hand.
The Summer Atelier located on the Art Manor premises allows visitors to see the artist in her work and see the steps it requires for a painting to come to life – from the first inspiration to applying the finishing touches.
The 2016 Summer Exhibition ”Into the Woods” is open every day from June 11 to August 28.

Water and amusement park Kesämaa

At the Kesämaa amusement park you can find water slides and pools to suit different tastes and ages. Kesämaa offers plenty to do even if it happens to rain. Enjoy our pedal car park and bumper boats; or why not try canoeing or climbing? Two decked barbecues are also available as well as a spacious area for sunbathing.