The exhibition “Lumberjack's culture days” is composed of Lusto's collections in honour of the forest workers' own cultural event. The exhibition comprising posters, objects, news images of that time and archive materials will be on display in Lusto from June 2nd, 2020 to March 28th, 2021.

Lumberjack's culture days were held for the first time in Joensuu on November 25-26th, 1967 on the initiative of the Finnish Workers' Educational Association. The forest workers' own, new cultural event broadened the perception of culture, its audience aiming to raise the self-esteem of forest workers by publicly highlighting forestry work and its value. Lumberjack's culture days were held 13 times across Finland and the maximum number of the participants was 15,000. In 2005, Lumberjack's culture days merged with the Lusto Forest days as the Forest Culture Days (Metku) which Lusto still organizes every other year in Punkaharju. The next Metku Days will be held in Lusto one week before Midsummer of 2021.

The exhibition features, among other things, 13 framed posters, contemporary news images of Lumberjack's culture days made by Yle, as well as objects and archive materials from Lusto's collections. The Finnish Workers' Education Association has supported the implementation of the exhibition.

Opening hours:
1st Oct 2020–3rd Jan 2021 Tue–Sun 10–17
4th Jan-1st Feb 2021 closed


Event Location
Lusto – the Finnish Forest Museum
Lustontie 1, 58450, Punkaharju
Lusto - Suomen Metsämuseo
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LocationLusto – the Finnish Forest Museum Lustontie 1 58450 Punkaharju