The Woodsie exhibition gives an insight into contemporary Finns' relationships with the forest. In 2017 and 2018, Lusto collected Woodsies – or selfies in the woods – asking people to take a selfie in the forest doing something they love or that they typically do there, and to accompany it with a description of their relationship with the forest.

These woodsies are stored in Lusto's collections as part of our forest culture heritage. More than 160 woodsies were submitted, taken in all corners of Finland in all seasons. They were sent by Finns of different ages, who are united by their love for forests, even if what they do in the forest varies considerably. The exhibition is produced by Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum.

WOODSIE – Images and stories of relationships with the forest from Finland 19.2.2019–29.3.2020.


Event Location
Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum
Lustontie 1, 58450, Punkaharju
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LocationLusto – The Finnish Forest Museum Lustontie 1 58450 Punkaharju