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The Punkaharju Nordic Walking Park

The Ridge Trail

Length: 3,2 km
Level of difficulty: moderate – ideal for rhythmic Nordic walking

This ridge trail was restored and updated with new signposts in summer 2013. It combines the Tuunaansaari island holiday resort and the areas around the Valtionhotelli and Kruunupuisto hotels. From Kruunupuisto, you can continue walking to Hepokatti and Mannila, agritourism farms on Vaahersalo island, or head to the Mustaniemi-Kuikonniemi area and fortifications of the Salpa Line. Lusto, the Finnish Forest Museum, is also easy to access from Valtionhotelli. This trail offers the most beautiful views over the ridges and lakes as well as many of the historic sites of Punkaharju.

The grounds at Kruunupuisto are the home to Finland’s first therapy path, where people walk barefoot on different natural surfaces. A fun and stimulating programme is available for both adults and children.

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Experience the idyllic countryside

Length (from Kruunupuisto and back): 6,2 km
Level of difficulty: easy – ideal for rhythmic Nordic walking; minor disturbances caused by traffic

The Hepokatti bed and breakfast, located 2,8 kilometres away from Kruunupuisto, is a charming holiday destination, especially for families with children, although adults will also enjoy the cosy and rustic café and the farm animals. This walking trail follows a mostly gravelled roadway. On the shore of the lake, within a few hundred metres of Hepokatti, you’ll also find the hotel and restaurant and cottages at Mannila Farm. 

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Kuikonniemi World War II site

Length: from Kruunupuisto and back: 4,2 km; path through the fortress site: approx. 1,2 km
Level of difficulty: easy – most of the trail ideal for rhythmic Nordic walking 

Kruunupuisto is connected to the Kuikonniemi area by a beautiful 2,1 km-long ridge road offering views over both Lake Pihjalavesi in Saimaa and Lake Puruvesi on the left side of the road. The Salpa Line is part of a bunker line that is over 1200 km long, built along the eastern border of Finland in 1940­–1941 and 1944. The Salpa Line car park located to the north of the ridge road has a tourist map and information about the history of the Salpa Line. The fortress site features a restored dugout and trenches. There is also a kiosk at the car park and a nice sandy beach next to it. There are other trails in the Kuikonniemi area as well, but they are not signposted.

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The sauna trail around Tuunaansaari island

Length: 3 km
Level of difficulty: easy – ideal for rhythmic Nordic walking 

This trail can be easily accessed from the holiday homes on Tuunaansaari island while the sauna is warming up. The first part of the trail runs along the southern shores of the expanding holiday resort, first following a small dirt road and then continuing through the permanent residential area to the northern end of the island. The final part of the trail runs through idyllic cultural landscapes in the courtyard area of the Johanna Oras Art Manor. The manor’s exhibitions and the artist’s studio are worth visiting when you have more time, for example on the following day.

The trail has been marked by signs attached to street lamps and, if needed, by signposts at junctions.

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Tree watching!

Length: 3,2 – 3,5 km
Level of difficulty: easy – excellent for rhythmic Nordic walking

This trail starts near Highway 14 at the arboretum car park, which also has a café. We recommend exploring the paths of the arboretum first, as it is an excellent opportunity to examine dozens of different tree species. The trees are labelled with small signs, and additional information is available in the arboretum brochure.

There are two marked trails: you can either follow the ‘Puulajireitti’ or the ‘Montellin reitti’ trails. The trails follow small dirt roads that are lined with trees labelled with nameplates. The eastern side of the arboretum features the Karjalankallio laavu (traditional lean-to), which offers breathtaking views. The path from both trails to Karjalankallio has been marked on the map, but please be aware that there are no signposts along the path.

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The ancient woodland trail of Kokonharju

Length: 2.5 km
Level of difficulty: considerably steep in places; some parts not suitable for rhythmic Nordic walking – reasonably good physical condition recommended 

The starting point of this trail is the arboretum car park located next to Highway 14, where the paths through the arboretum also start.

Due to its narrow paths and sometimes relatively steep sections, the Kokonharju trail is not ideal for rhythmic Nordic walking throughout, although the poles will provide excellent support. Despite its difficult terrain, the spectacular views of the ancient woodland are definitely worth experiencing.

To get there, just follow the hiking trail markings painted on trees, as the Nordic walking trail has not been separately marked.

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The Tynkkylän Lomaniemi trail

Length: 2.6 km
Level of difficulty: easy – ideal for relaxed Nordic walking 

Tynkkylän Lomaniemi specialises in offering high-quality accommodation and catering services. It is located roughly 24 km south of the centre of Punkaharju by Lake Pihlajavesi in Saimaa.

The Nordic walking trail starts at the farm’s grounds and follows the tracks of the nature trail over relatively passable forest terrain. After passing through the magical thick spruce forest, the trail continues to the shore of Saimaa, which is a good place for admiring the views over the islands and, if you are in luck, spotting the Saimaa ringed seal. The waters around Lomaniemi are said to be the home waters of the Saimaa ringed seal, and many tourists have indeed spotted the seal there.

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The Holiday resort Naaranlahti trail

Length: 6.6 km
Level of difficulty: relatively easy – average physical condition recommended due to the length of the trail 

Naaranlahti holiday resort is located 16 km east of the centre of Punkaharju by pure, clear Lake Puruvesi. The resort’s accommodation services include cottages and rooms in an real farm environment.

The Nordic walking trail starts on the grounds of the resort and mostly follows dirt roads over variable terrain, including ridges, marshes and fields. The rich bird populations of the different terrain are the stars of this trail, and, if you are lucky, you may even spot a majestic male capercaillie feeding on the side of a forest road. 

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