Lusto’s main exhibition of 2020 – “A man’s job”– offers touching and largely unprecedented photographs of the forest workers and the transformation of work in the 1970s. The exhibition is based on Suomalainen metsätyömies (‘Finnish forest worker’) report of the Finnish Forest Research Institute and related extensive documentary photographic material of 1970–1971. The photographers were Erkki Heikinheimo and Aarne Reunala.

The everyday life full of hard work with its joys and sorrows is reflected powerfully in the pictures – in the woods, in the forest huts and at the roadside. The exhibition also offers a glimpse of the forest workers’ free time and warm-hearted pictures of spouses and children in the background of demanding work. The atmospheric photos of Finland in the 70’s give an iconic and powerful reflection of that times. The exhibition offers a fascinating nostalgic journey to the times when the countryside emptied with the birth of the suburbs, and “Saturday Dances” was the most popular TV show.

The exhibition features about 80 spectacular black and white photographs.

The exhibition is a part of A Man’s Job collection which includes an exhibition, an online exhibition, a book, a radio documentary and a seminar.

A Man’s Job book is available in Lusto’s online store.

Opening hours:
1st Oct 2020–3rd Jan 2021 Tue–Sun 10–17
4th Jan-1st Feb 2021 closed
2nd Feb–30th Apr 2021 Tue–Sun 10–17


Event Location
Lusto – the Finnish Forest Museum
Lustontie 1, 58450, Punkaharju
Lusto - Suomen Metsämuseo
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Online exhibition is free of charge and always open.
LocationLusto – the Finnish Forest Museum Lustontie 1 58450 Punkaharju