The guided tours to the Arboretum of the Finnish Natural Resources Institute give the visitors a change to familiarize themselves with different tree species. There are 54 coniferous and 48 broad-leaved species in the area. The tour will also take the visitors to see the tallest tree in the whole of Finland.

Duration of the guided tour: 1 hour by bus, including some walking on foot. The guide will join the group in Lusto.
Price: 60 €

There is also the possibility that the whole tour is done by walking. On foot the duration will be 2 hours.
Size of the group: maximum of 25 persons / guide
Price: 120 €

The guided tours must be booked in advance, preferably at least two weeks prior to the planned time of the visit.

Tours are given in Finnish and in English.

In winter tour is done by walking!

Lusto is open all year round. Check opening hours.


Price starting
60.00 € per hour
Barrier free, Car parking, WC
Location: Lusto – Suomen Metsämuseo
Location: Lusto – Suomen Metsämuseo
30 km to city
Free WiFi
LocationLustontie 1 58450 Punkaharju